A handpainted collection of magically generated suprise animals


Magic Forest Pets is a hand painted collection of 15,000 woodland pets that journey alongside the Magic Mushrooms as they make their way through the magic forest to uncover secret treasures in our biggest event of the year, Shroom Scouts The Pet Adventure!


Magic Forrest Pets




Mint Price

A companion for every shroom

For every Magic Mushroom Clubhouse NFT you hold you are able to claim a free Magic Forest Pet companion! With your Magic Forest Pet companion alongside, you are able to participate in Shroom Scouts The Pet Adventure - a community building competition where you will use your best scavenging, gathering and teamwork skills to complete five challenges that uncover lost treasures! There will also be bonus tasks with opportunities to earn prizes!

9,200 Free to Claim for
Magic Mushroom Clubhouse Holders

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the magic forest Pets?

The Magic Forest Pets are a hand painted NFT collection of 15,000 generated woodland creatures. They are the companions or pets to the Magic Mushroom Clubhouse NFT shrooms. Each pet is unique with its own personality!

What does owning a Magic Forest Pet give access to?

Owning a Magic Forest Pet gives you access to the Clubhouse, just like any Magic Mushroom Clubhouse NFT holder! Plus you are able to generate celium points in our new Mycelium Marketplace and participate in Shroom Scouts The Pet Adventure.

What is Shroom Scouts the Pet Adventure?

Shroom Scouts The Pet Adventure is a month-long journey the Magic Mushrooms and Magic Forest Pets will take together to unearth secret treasures. This community building competition will allow the community to get to know one another better, participate in fun challenges throughout the weeks and find opportunities to win prizes! 

What is the Mycelium Marketplace?

The Mycelium Marketplace is a platform created to reward Magic Mushroom Clubhouse and Magic Forest Pet NFT holders with an allotted amount of Celium points per week. Holders can spend their Celium points on whitelist spots, NFTs, and more! The Mycelium Marketplace also empowers our community to leverage its influence to provide its holders a variety of other valuable assets, experiences and opportunities.

What is the Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is our NFT Discord community where everyone can find a place they belong. Whether you are new to the space or are looking to expand your skills, the Clubhouse is the perfect home base for growing connections! There are opportunities within the Clubhouse to participate in workshops, events, discussions and more. The values of the Clubhouse include growth in the NFT space, collaboration, and NFT education.

Any questions you have we are here to answer.

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